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Cara had a blast at her 6th Birthday bash.   She had her birthday at her favorite kid gym place:  Champion Kids.  This time she was willing to try the indoor zip line.  You can see by her face that it still a bit scary to her, but she did it twice and was happy to have done it.

Here’s a few pics to show the fun:

Cara-birthday-2014-1a Cara-birthday-2014-2a Cara-birthday-2014-3a Cara-birthday-2014-4a Cara-birthday-2014-5a Cara-birthday-2014-6a Cara-birthday-2014-7a Cara-birthday-2014-8a Cara-birthday-2014-9a Cara-birthday-2014-10a Cara-birthday-2014-11a Cara-birthday-2014-12a Cara-birthday-2014-13a Cara-birthday-2014-14a Cara-birthday-2014-15a Cara-birthday-2014-16a Cara-birthday-2014-17a Cara-birthday-2014-18a Cara-birthday-2014-19a Cara-birthday-2014-20a Cara-birthday-2014-21a Cara-birthday-2014-22a Cara-birthday-2014-23a Cara-birthday-2014-24a Cara-birthday-2014-25a Cara-birthday-2014-26a Cara-birthday-2014-27a Cara-birthday-2014-28a Cara-birthday-2014-29a Cara-birthday-2014-30a Cara-birthday-2014-31a Cara-birthday-2014-32a Cara-birthday-2014-33a