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In October and in honor of St. Francis of Assisi, the church holds a Blessing of the Animals.  You can bring your pet to church and a priest will bless it.  Mac doesn’t know what its all about but he likes that he can come with us when we leave the house and there are a lot of dogs to meet up with once he’s there.  Chloe Jane and Cara enjoyed it because there were lots of animals there.  Although there were mostly dogs, you could also find a couple cats, a parrot and even a chicken.  Chloe Jane and Cara brought their Build-a-Bear animals to be blessed (which the priest obliged).

Now, anytime we go to the church, Chloe Jane asks if Mac’s coming with us.

Bless my bear, please.

Bless my bear, please.

Bless my rooster.  He no longer crows for day.

Bless my rooster. He's "too lazy to crow for day."

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