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It’s hard to believe our first born is seven years old!  This year Chloe Jane wanted her party at Champion Kids Gym.  This is the first time she had the chance to sit on a throne.  It was an inflatable one, but that would be the throne of her choice anyway.  She wanted a Barbie theme with a Swan Lake cake.  Publix, however, doesn’t make a Swan Lake cake so Ruth asked them just to make blue icing for water and we would order our own Swan.  Unfortunately, Publix made a mostly green cake with just a little corner of blue.  To make matters worse, the blue was where they wrote “Happy Birthday, Chloe Jane” so we couldn’t put the swan on the pond.  Ruth joked that it was now “Swan Lawn.”  Chloe Jane didn’t mind, but she did quickly point out, “That’s not the Swan Princess, Mommy.”  Nothing gets past her!  She had a great time anyway and commented that her birthday was even “funner” than she thought it would be.

CJ-7th-Birthday-2 CJ-7th-Birthday-10 CJ-7th-Birthday-14 CJ-7th-Birthday-17 CJ-7th-Birthday-19 CJ-7th-Birthday-20 CJ-7th-Birthday-22 CJ-7th-Birthday-25 CJ-7th-Birthday-29 CJ-7th-Birthday-32 CJ-7th-Birthday-33 CJ-7th-Birthday-50 CJ-7th-Birthday-37 CJ-7th-Birthday-38 CJ-7th-Birthday-43 CJ-7th-Birthday-47



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