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Tommy had his birthday party last weekend.  His theme was from the movie “Planes.”  We ordered a cake from Publix with blue icing and clouds and then I put some small die cast planes that I ordered from Amazon. I thought three planes fit on the cake better than four so I put “Bulldog” next to the cake. Tommy, however, insisted that “Bulldog” also be on the cake so you’ll see another shot of the cake with an extra plane squeezed in for good measure. The theme actually ended up being “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” because PopPop came and brought decorations from the movie “Cars” and we put them up as well and we put up a “Thomas the Train” game. Tommy enjoyed the cake. He enjoyed his presents but didn’t buy into the concept of opening all of them at once. As soon as he opened one, he wanted to play with it and wasn’t interested in opening the other presents until he finished playing with the current toy.  It has taken almost a week for him to get through his gifts.  It’s like his birthday every day.

Tommy-birthday-2 Tommy-birthday-3 Tommy-birthday-4 Tommy-birthday-5 Tommy-birthday-6 Tommy-birthday-7 Tommy-birthday-8 Tommy-birthday-9 Tommy-birthday-10 Tommy-birthday-11 Tommy-birthday-12 Tommy-birthday-13 Tommy-birthday-14 Tommy-birthday-15 Tommy-birthday-16 Tommy-birthday-17 Tommy-birthday-18